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A few pictures of some of the Awards ceremonies from The Warriors Assemble committee.


Warriors Assemble was initially put together to help raise funds and moral support for Anthony Pillage, Director of The Way of the Spiritual Warrior Martial Arts Club in Coventry, who was diagnosed with cancer and whom the doctors had given just 6 months to live.


This spawned a series of seminars around the UK with a select group of top UK Instructors and awards events, giving rise to The Fighting Spirit Awards in October 2015, the first ever UK Martial Arts Awards ceremony for people with disabilities, Long-term illnesses or life changing injuries and The British Martial Arts Awards for the whole of the UK Martial Arts industry in April 2016.


Both events were highly successful, even more so that as of April 2016 the doctors have verified that after an 18 month battle, Mr Pillage has beaten the cancer is is now cancer free!