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Water adapts to its receptacle, as should we

to every problem we encounter in life.

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The best way to contact us for all initial enquiries is via email.

We will get back to you quickly and with full information, but are always happy to answer questions and queries at any of the clubs.

C O N T A C T   D E T A I L S


Contact us now for more information and a FREE trial lesson.


Once you contact us, for your convenience, we will happily provide a personal contact number too.

All students and parents at the clubs have a personal number to contact should they need to, but there is just too much phishing going on these days to leave a personal number available to all on the internet.


Email: info@mizuryu.co.uk

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For students with worries about bullying or who just need more information,

click on the logo to check the BullyingUK website or email our own welfare officer: