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J A P A N  T O U R S

•Save up to £1,000!! from a Tour operators package.


•Get a real flavour and unique experience of Japan.


•Explore the country. Experience the life, sights, training or both.


•We sort out all flights, travel and authentic Japanese accomodation.


•Tours are either sightseeing, training based or a combination of both.

mitakesan jinga Hirashin Banquet hall

We normally base ourselves in either Tokyo or Kyoto and then run excursions or travel from there depending on the type of tour and itinerary.


We have also organised previous tours to include a spectacular climb up Mt Fuji, Japan's tallest peak. This volcano is 12,388ft high and is a national symbol.


Contact us for more information and a detailed pack including a previous itinerary for more information.

fujisan2 Heian Shrine Gardens