Mizu Ryu

Water adapts to its receptacle, as should we

to every problem we encounter in life.

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Our Philosophy

Mizu Ryu Ju Jutsu

Kanji by Takase Eri - Shihan.


Mizu wa utsuwa ni tekiou suru wareware mo sore

zore no aite kougeki soshite jinsei de souguu suru

subete no mondai ni tekiou suru


Water adapts to its vessel like we should with every attacking opponent and every problem we encounter in life.

Kanji by Takase-Shihan

Our History

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'My training began in Judo  and Kano Ju Jutsu in 1976. I later diversified into Aikijujutsu, Karate, Kickboxing, Aikido, Combat Ju Jitsu, Kenjutsu, Kobudo, Kyusho Jutsu, MMA and Reiki. In 1994, I founded the syllabus for Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu here in the UK that is used as a teaching tool to express technical and philosophical ideas to my students.


I have taught aspects of Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu to students, teachers and Masters from different countries around the world and have even taught at the Kodokan Judo Institute in, Tokyo, Japan.


Basingstoke Ju Jitsu Club is the main club teaching Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu and was known as The Fujiyama School prior to 1994. It was the first club in the area to only teach Ju Jitsu.

Basingstoke Ju Jitsu Club (formerly The Fujiyama School) was the first club to teach this style of Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu.

Founded in 1994 by Former British Heavyweight Champion of Combat Ju Jitsu - Anthony J. Bailey EM.PBA. WBOB. HOF. BNMA.Hons.

When starting my own syllabus, I did not grade myself to 10th Dan or choose the title Shihan or Soke for myself. I was awarded the title Shihan in 1997 for Aikijujutsu by a 10th Dan Grandmaster and again later in 2012 by a different teacher after passing the last Shinpiden level in Usui Reiki. Shihan is a Master teacher, or head teacher, a teacher of teachers not someone who has Mastered everything about the art.


I have attained Black Belts in many disciplines over the years, but, as the Founder of this system, I have, as is traditional in most Japanese Arts, relinquished my right to hold a grade in the syllabus that I founded, so I do not say that I hold a Dan grade, or any grade in Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu.

With 40 years experience, I have become an Internationally recognised Senior Instructor specialising in groundwork and Pressure Points, and a National MMA Coach, whilst also amassing over 21 years of experience working 'on the Door' as well as a Bodyguard.


Mizu Ryu Ju Jitsu is truly a mixture of the traditional Ju Jutsu arts, the breathing exercises and health benefits of Usui Teate and the technical knowledge and associated principles of Pressure Points, together with the knowledge of modern day practical issues, but never forgetting those ancient philosophical,  illuminating and educational concepts that ensure our art improves us on many levels.'


 'The study of Martial Arts is a Spiritual Journey of self discovery, through physical means.' 

                               - Anthony J Bailey (Founder)