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Water adapts to its receptacle, as should we

to every problem we encounter in life.

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What will Reiki do for me?

What can Reiki help with?


Reiki has been known to have beneficial results for:


•Relaxation from stress, tension, anxiety and  

other related symptoms


•Emotional turmoil and discord

•Feeling unable to cope

•Low spirits


•Sports injuries

•Long term pain, such as back pain




•Low energy levels and M E.

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How does Reiki help?


In these pressurised times, it is important that we can find a release for all the tension and stress put upon us by our daily lives. Stress has been proved to be physically detrimental to our health.


Reiki tends to make people more relaxed and more able to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life. As a system that works so well on the mental and emotional level, it has also been shown to help in promoting healing and recovery from injury or illness as a catalyst for the bodies own recovery system.


Many people also make important lifestyle changes after receiving a reiki treatment as it often acts as a catalyst for changes within your lifestyle choices and health needs.

What are the Reiki Precepts?


The Reiki precepts form the foundation of the system and are thought to have come from part of Tendai Buddhist teachings:


1. Kyo dake wa

2. Okaru-na

3. ShInpai-suna.

4. Kansha-shite.

5. Gyo o hage me.

6. Hito ni shinsetsu ni.


Which mean:


1. Just for today.

2. Don't get angry.

3. Do not worry.

4. Be humble.

5. Be truthful in your dealings with other people.

6. Be compassionate to yourself and others.

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